This is material that was developed as part of a course we teach at the University of Washington on applied time series analysis for fisheries and environmental data. You can find our lectures on our course website ATSA.

Book package

The book uses a number of R packages and a variety of fisheries data sets. The packages and data sets can be installed by installing our atsalibrary package which is hosted on GitHub:

# Windows users will likely need to set this
# Sys.setenv('R_REMOTES_NO_ERRORS_FROM_WARNINGS' = 'true')


Links to more code and publications can be found on our academic websites at the University of Washington:


Holmes, E. E., M. D. Scheuerell, and E. J. Ward. Applied time series analysis for fisheries and environmental data. Edition 2021. Contacts , , and


This book was developed by United States federal government employees as part of their official duties. As such, it is not subject to copyright protection and is considered “public domain” (see 17 USC § 105). Public domain works can be used by anyone for any purpose, and cannot be released under a copyright license. However if you use our work, please cite it and give proper attribution.