Chapter 8 MARSS models with covariates

A script with all the R code in the chapter can be downloaded here. The Rmd for this chapter can be downloaded here

Data and packages

For the chapter examples, we will use the green and bluegreen algae in the Lake Washington plankton data set and the covariates in that dataset. This is a 32-year time series (1962-1994) of monthly plankton counts (cells per mL) from Lake Washington, Washington, USA with the covariates total phosphorous and pH. lakeWAplanktonTrans is a transformed version of the raw data used for teaching purposes. Zeros have been replaced with NAs (missing). The logged (natural log) raw plankton counts have been standardized to a mean of zero and variance of 1 (so logged and then z-scored). Temperature, TP and pH were also z-scored but not logged (so z-score of the untransformed values for these covariates). The single missing temperature value was replaced with -1 and the single missing TP value was replaced with -0.3.

We will use the 10 years of data from 1965-1974 (Figure 8.1), a decade with particularly high green and bluegreen algae levels.

data(lakeWAplankton, package = "MARSS")
# lakeWA
fulldat <- lakeWAplanktonTrans
years <- fulldat[, "Year"] >= 1965 & fulldat[, "Year"] < 1975
dat <- t(fulldat[years, c("Greens", "Bluegreens")])
covariates <- t(fulldat[years, c("Temp", "TP")])